Tibetan Mini Prayer Fag As Vehicle Accessory For Motorbike , Car , Cycle / Velvet & Nylon Tibetian Budhist Prayer Flag

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  • Each Flag measure approximately 6.5 by 4 cms. 1 Set consists of 10 leaf. Total flag set length is 80 CM, Width 9cm For Bike, 13cm For Car, 6cm also available
  • Product Material: Velvet cloth. The Velvet cloth is thick and does not lose its threads so will last long on cars. Other cheap flags are printed on cotton cloth which start losing their threads quickly
  • These are high quality Velvet prayer flags . Best quality then Cotton Flags . Best Uses - Bike , Cars , Motor Cycle , Cycle , Motor Bike , Home Decoration , Bike Ride , Ladakh Ride , Leh Ride
  • Product Colours: The colours are standard happy Tibbetian ones, but will appear slightly saturated with higher contrast as the base velvet cloth has some texture and colour tinge
  • Well known as Buddhist Prayer Flags these flags are handmade from Nylon with Velvet coating by Tibetan artisans. Each prayer flag is hand inked and hand printed
  • This Tibetan Flag Is Inscribed With Auspicious Mantras Of Om Mani Padme Hum. Tibetan Flags Have Been Planted Outside Homes And Places Of Spiritual Practice For The Wind To Carry The Vibrations Of The Mantra Across. The 5 Colors Of Prayer Flags Represent The 5 Basic Elements: Yellow-earth, Green-water, Red-fire, White-air, Blue-space. Prayer Flags Moving In The Wind Generate A Natural Positive Energy. Acting On A Spiritual Level The Emanating Vibrations Protect From Harm And Bring Harmony To Everything Touched By The Wind. These Colorful Flags Can Be Placed Both Indoors Or Outdoors Of Your Living Spaces, On Windows, Walls, Balconies, Even On Top Of Your Favorite Suv Also. H 12cm X 10 Cm Approx. Each Leaf. And Total 10 Leafs.
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